Animal Animal Cremation Furnace

Introduction of the Animal Cremation Furnace

Our company sells animal cremation furnaces, new construction projects, repair work, and refractory materials as well.
We want to be able to provide our customers with an actual view of our furnaces so they can have a first-hand experience of our furnaces’ solid performance.However, if they are unable to view them in person, we have established a new page that provides videos to our customers to have a good look at our animal cremation furnaces.
By all means, please have a look.


Our work is not limited to new construction, but we also provide repair work and free furnace diagnostics etc to ensure solid performance.
To request information or for consultation, please give us a call or fill out the form this.

  • ※Animal Cremation Furnace Brochure
  • ※If you’d like, we will also send a DVD of the Kinoshita Animal Cremation Furnace introduction video. Please indicate that on the form.