GreetingMessage from the President

Since our inception in 1994, we have designed, constructed, and maintained industrial furnaces and
incinerators etc; We have been active in the country at the center of furnace construction work.

We have accumulated knowledge and experience in order to respond to continually evolving technology
and have built up our track record steadily.As we continue to strive to meet the various needs of
our customers we ensure that our first priorities are [safety and security.]


Firm Name KINOSHITA CHIKURO Co.Ltd. (”CHIKURO” means Furnace Construction)
Representative’s name Masumi Anraku
Establishment of the Business January 1994
Founding of the Company September 1994
Capital Stock 10,000,000yen
Headquarters Oaza Sako 817 banchi oita shi, oita prefecture
TEL: 097-523-0020
FAX: 097-523-0024
Construction Industry Registration Number
  • Oita Governor permit
  • (Company) Japan Boiler Association Member
  • Tile/Brick/Block Contractors
  • Scaffolders/Laborers/Concrete Contractors
Business events
  • Related to Industrial Furnace Facilities
  • Related to Cremation Furnaces
  • Cleaning Facility Construction
  • Related to Boiler Facilities
  • Related to Industrial Waste
  • Heat insulation, sheet metal, painting and welding construction
Number of Technicians
  • Furnace Construction Work 6 people
  • Painting (spray) 4 people
  • Molding 4 people
  • Mechanic 2 people
Company Owned Machinery
  • Castable Spraying
  • Stud Welding Machine
  • Band Saw
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Power Generator
  • Breaker of various types for Dismantling
  • Spray before processing machine
  • Panel Saw for Making Molds
  • Mixers of various types,Furnace Construction Machinery
  • Communication Vehicles
  • Brick Cutting Machine
  • Various Welding Machinery