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SH Dialogue

To interact with all of our workers
in order to elevate safety awareness!
KINOSHITA CHIKURO conducts “SH Dialogue.”
What is SH Dialogue?

SH is the abbreviation for Shake Hands, so we interact with a handshake.

Why the SH Dialogue?

At the individual sites, we have imposed a top priority for “safety” there in order to complete construction in a process that is completely accident-free.We are sure that if a work related accident occurs it will effect family, co-workers, the company and the customer.Also, it will be a lose of trust in us.

As you all know, Japan is currently in a recession.But, you could lose all the trust you’ve built up after from working tirelessly everyday with one work related accident.The primary factor of accidents varies from site to site, but, it appears in large part, that accidents can be prevented when you consider the people and colleagues involved.

The aim of executing the “SH Dialogue” within KINOSHITA CHIKURO was to ascertain the results of people working at the same site.This is something I expect from employees, but I have received cooperation from participating companies as well. For that, I’d like to say thank you.

※There should be a dialogue that last more than three seconds at every site.

Safety Officer at that time, if it is determined that the workers health (voice, complexion, breathing) and verify unsafe working conditions, then it doesn’t work.However, the above safety implementation should be done twice a day, in the morning and afternoon.Before the start of work, the Safety Officer shall inspect the site, facilities, and general area for anything unsafe.

2014 5th Account of the Safety Conference